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Monday, 13 February 2012

Naval Codes / NATO Phonetic / NATO Spelling Alphabet

             The NATO Phonetic alphabet or the NATO spelling alphabet is the universally accepted or widely used 'spelling alphabet'.  When communicating over the phone; these codes are used, so that the person on the other end will be able to figure out exactly what the other person is trying to spell, regardless of their native language.

For example, If you are to spell BLOGGER; normally we would say something like this

B as in Bell,
L as in Lemon
O as in Orange
G as in Grape
E as in Elephant
R as in Ring

But instead, try practicing by spelling your name or objects with Naval Codes, which will provide a point-blank understanding to the other, and at the same time it's universally understood.

 NATO Phonetic Alphabet

A --- Alpha    

B --- Bravo       

C --- Charlie     

D --- Delta    

E --- Echo      

F --- Foxtrot     

G --- Golf           

H --- Hotel

I --- India       

J --- Juliet          

K --- Kilo           

L --- Lima     

M --- Mike     

N --- November      

O --- Oscar     

P --- Papa

Q --- Quebec    

R --- Romeo        

S --- Sierra    

T --- Tango     

U --- Uniform     

V --- Victor     

W --- Whiskey    

X --- X-Ray      

Y --- Yankee        

Z --- Zulu

Best & the most common Latin Phrases / Sayings

Nisi dominus frustra = ‘if not the master, in vain’; unless the lord is with us, our labor is vain.

bona fide = In good faith

Vox populi = The voice of the people

Viva voce = Orally

Modus operandi = Method of working

Ad hoc = To this (particular purpose)

Alma Mater = Fostering mother

Curriculum vitae = The course of a life

Quid pro quo = One thing for another

Carpe diem = Seize the day

Annus mirabilis = Wonderful year

Annus horribilis = A terrible year.

Ego =  consciousness of one's own identity.

et cetera (abbreviated etc.) =  and so on.

habeas corpus = you may have the body. (The opening words of a prerogative writ requiring a person holding another person to bring that person before a court.)

affidavit =  a sworn written statement usable as evidence in court.

Agenda =  things to be done (used especially for a list of items to be discussed at a meeting).

alma mater = one's old school or university.

alter ego = other self.

anno domini (abbreviated AD) =  in the year of the Lord.

ante meridiem (abbreviated a.m.) = before midday.

post meridiem (abbreviated p.m.) = after midday.

aqua pura =  pure water.

cogito, ergo sum = I think, therefore I am (Descartes).

deo gratias = thanks be to God.

deo volente = God willing.

dictum meum pactum = my word is my bond.

dictum sapienti sat est = a word to the wise is sufficient.

in deo speramus = in God we trust.

in re = in the matter of.

in silico = by means of a computer simulation.

in situ = in its original situation.

in vitro = observable in a glass test tube; outside the living body and in an artificial environment.

in vivo = happening within a living organism.

magnum opus = great work.

mea culpa = by my fault (used as an acknowledgement of one's error).

Memorandum = (a note of) a thing to be remembered.

modus operandi = the manner of working.

post mortem = after death (also figuratively).

Re = in the matter of.

requiescat in pace = rest in peace.

status quo = the existing condition.

Verbatim =  exactly as said.

Versus = against.

vice versa = the order being reversed.

videlicet (abbreviated viz.) = namely.

Divide et impera = Divide, and rule

E pluribus unum = From many, one

Ab initio = From the beginning

Ad astra = To the stars

cui bono = To whose good?

Non compos mentis  = Not of sound mind

Caveat emptor = Let the buyer beware

De profundis = Out of the depths

Nota bene = Note well

Inter alia = Among other things

Nil desperandum = Never despair

Tempus fugit = Time flies

Sub rosa = In secret

Tabula rasa = Clean slate; 

Sine qua non = An essential condition

Obiter dictum = Said in passing

Non sequitur = Irrelevant

Hic jacet = Here lies

Hic et nunc = Here and now

Ipso facto = By the fact itself

In flagrante delecto = In the act of crime

Nec plus ultra = perfection

Ex officio = By virtue of his office

Floreat = May it flourish

Fidei Defensor = Defender of the faith

Persona non grata = An unacceptable person

Per se = In itself

Quod erat demonstrandum = Which was to be demonstrated

A priori = From cause to effect

Corpus delecti = The body, or substance of a crime

Cum grano salis = With a grain of salt

Infra dig = Below one’s dignity

Lapsus liguae = A slip of the tongue

 a posteriori = derived by reasoning from observed facts.
ad infinitum = without limit.
ad libitum = according to pleasure.
ad nauseam = to a disgusting extent.
ad valorem = according to value.
Addenda = things to be added.
ars gratia artis = art for art's sake.
aude sapere = dare know.
audi alteram partem = hear the other side (one of the principles of natural justice).
cave canem = beware of the dog.
caveat lector = let the reader beware.
caveat venditor = let the seller beware.
corpus delicti = the facts of a crime.
Corrigenda = a list of things to be corrected (in a book).
deus ex machine = a contrived event that resolves a problem at the last moment (literally, "a god from a machine").
dramatis personae = the list of characters in a play.
dum spiro, spero = as long as I breathe, I hope (Cicero).
dura lex, sed lex = the law is harsh, but it is the law.
Ergo = therefore.
Errata = a list of errors (in a book).
et alia = and other things.
et alii (abbreviated et al.) = and others.
et sequentes (abbreviated et seq. or seqq.) = and those that follow.
ex gratia = purely as a favour.
ex nihilo = out of nothing.
ex post facto = retrospectively.
Exeat = permission for a temporary absence.
exempli gratia (abbreviated e.g.) = for example.
fama nihil est celeries = nothing is swifter than a rumour.
Fiat = let it be done.
gaudeamus igitur = so let us rejoice.
honoris causa = as a mark of esteem.
ibidem (abbreviated ibid. in citations of books, etc.) = in the same place.
id est (abbreviated i.e.) = that is.
Idem = the same.
Imprimatur = let it be printed.
in absentia = while absent.
in camera = in private session.
in casu = in this case.
in casu extremae necessitates = in case of extreme necessity.
in extensor = at full length.
in extremis = near death.
in flagrante delicto = in the very act of committing an offence.
in illo tempore = at that time.
in loco extremis = in the farthest place.
in loco parentis = in place of a parent.
in medias res = in the midst of things (Horace).
in memoriam = in memory.
in toto = entirely.
Infra = below or on a later page.
infra dig = unbecoming (slang).
inter alia = among other things.
inter se = among themselves.
inter vivos = during life.
intra muros = within the walls.
locum tenens = one occupying the place (used as an English noun meaning "deputy").
magna carta = Great Charter (issued by King John in 1215, granting various liberties).
mens rea = guilty mind.
mens sana in corpore sano = a sound mind in a sound body.
mirabile dictum = wonderful to relate.
monumentum aere perennius = an immortal work of art or literature (literally, "a monument more lasting than bronze") (Horace).
multi multa; nemo omnia novitmany know many things; no one knows everything.
mutatis mutandis = the necessary changes being made.
ne plus ultra = the highest standard of excellence.
nemine contradicente (abbreviated nem. con.) = unanimously.
nemine dissentiente (abbreviated nem. dis.) = unanimously.
nihil obstat = nothing stands in the way.
nil desperandum = there is no cause for despair (Horace).
Nisi = unless.
nolens volens = whether one likes it or not; willing or unwilling.
non compos mentis = insane.
nota bene (abbreviated NB) = note well.
numero pondere et mensura deus omnia condidit = God created everything by number, weight and measure (Isaac Newton).
obiter dictum = a saying by the way.
omnia mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis = all things are changing, and we are changing with them.
pari passu = equally.
parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus = great promises, but no result or only a ludicrous result
Passim = in various places (in a quoted work).
pax vobiscum = peace be with you.
per annum = per year.
per ardua ad alta = through difficulties to the heights.
per ardua ad astra = through difficulties to the stars.
per capita = by the head.
per centum = per hundred.
per diem = per day.
per mensem = per month.
per omnia saecula saeculorum = for ever and ever.
per se = taken alone.
persona non grata = a non-acceptable person.
prima facie = on a first view.
pro bono public = in the public good.
pro forma = for the sake of form.
pro hac vice = for this occasion.
pro rata = according to the rate.
pro se = on one's own behalf.
pro tanto = to that extent.
pro tempore (abbreviated pro tem) = for the time being.
proximo (abbreviated prox.) = of the next month.
Qua = in the capacity of.
quantum in me fuit = I have done my best.
Quasi = as if.
quo in casu = in which case.
quo vadis? = where are you going?
quod erat demonstrandum (abbreviated QED) = which was to be proved.
quod erat faciendum (abbreviated QEF) = which was to be done.
ratio decidendi = the reason for the decision.
res ipsa loquitur = the thing speaks for itself.
salve (plural salvete) = hail; welcome.
semper fidelis = always faithful.
sensu stricto = in a narrow or strict sense.
seqq = and those that follow.
seriatim = one after another in order.
si vis pacem, para bellum = if you want peace, prepare for war.
sic = thus (used in quoted passages to indicate that an error has been deliberately reproduced).
sic transit gloria mundi = thus passes the glory of the world.
silentium est aureum = silence is golden.
silva rerum = an assorted collection of facts.
sui generis = of its own kind.
tempus fugit = time flies.
tempus fugit, mors venit = time passes, death advances.
uberrimae fidei = of the utmost good faith.
ultimo (abbreviated ult.) = of the previous month.
ultra vires = beyond the power.
vade mecum = a constant companion.
vale (plural valete) = farewell.
velle est posse = where there is a will, there is a way.
veni, vidi, vici = I came, I saw, I conquered (Caesar).
virgo intacta = virgin.

Quote of the day:
" There's nothing more dangerous than a closed mind"

Word of the day :
agent provocateur (noun) = a person who seeks to harm another by provoking them to commit an unlawful or wrong act.  from the french agent provocateur: inciting agent
e.g. In the film Donnie Brasco, Johnny Depp plays an FBI agent who infiltrates the Mafia and encourages their criminality; Depp is an agent provocateur.